The Hunt for Genghis Khan's Tomb - M.A.D

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Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

In the eight hundred years since his death, people have sought in vain for the grave of Genhis Khan, the 13th-century conqueror and imperial ruler who, at the time of his death, occupied the largest contiguous empire, stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Pacific. In capturing most of central Asia and China, his armies killed and pillaged but also forged new links between East and West....


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  • M.A.D

    The Hunt for Genghis Khan's Tomb

    M.A.D - 12/04/12

    One historical source holds that 10,000 horsemen “trampled the ground so as to make it even”; another that a forest was planted over the site, a river diverted. Scholars still debate the balance between fact and fiction, the most significant

  • The Birmingham Post

    Man trying to dig up Spitfires in Burma says he would donate one to Birmingham

    The Birmingham Post - 11/30/12

    Mr Cundall said evidence from a borehole survey and a ground penetrating radar survey also added weight to the belief that Spitfires were buried at the location, set to be excavated early next year. Mr Cundall added: “We have done a borehole. The man

  • NBC 29 News NBC 29 News

    Man thought linked to huge art heist pleads guilty

    NBC 29 News - 11/15/12

    It now stands at $550 million after officials say brisk sales keep driving up the payout amount.Full Story. The numbers have been drawn for the record Powerball jackpot and the wait for winners - if any - has begun. . McGuigan said at the time that

  • The Economist

    Brain scan

    The Economist - 11/30/12

    Particularly awkward were recent accidents that destroyed not one but two of DARPA's next-generation eyes in the sky: a foliage-penetrating radar called Forester, and a system called Argus that snaps massive 1,800 megapixel images using hundreds of

  • China Daily China Daily

    Foreign exhibitors at Shenzhen high-tech fair

    China Daily - 11/20/12

    The Oaks Instrument (Beijing) Co Ltd, an agent company for Russian-produced geophysical equipment brought new-generation ground-penetrating radars to the fair. Sandy Zhang, the company's sales director, said it's the second time the company has come


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